The Importance of Floor Preparation

Floor preparation is something that is often overlooked or not considered when people decide to buy new floors. However, removing the existing flooring and preparing for the new material is a necessary task. Regardless of whether the old floor is glued down, nailed or stapled down, it must be removed. Before a new floor can be installed, the subfloor has to be in good condition. Any divots, bumps or irregularities in the surface can cause the new flooring to tear, or to wear out faster.

When prepping a laminate floor, the dried glue should be removed by using an organic solvent such as thinner or white spirit. Homeowners should use cleaning solvents directly on the surface and then spot test it in a small area prior to cleaning. Before using any solvents, customers should always review their warranty’s information in the event problems arise.

For those who may want a new floor installed, they can log onto Website and get an idea of the realm of services available. This includes carpet, tile, stone, wood, or even vinyl. They can also handle commercial properties as well, from industrial buildings to churches, to office and retail. What customers want to look for when thinking about getting a new floor is dealing with a company that will provide a free estimate and provides all charges up front and in a transparent matter.

After the Floor Preparation has been taken care of, customers want to deal with a company that can help them pick out the right carpets. Light colors will depict fewer footprints than darker colored carpets and are better suited for areas in which there is low foot traffic. Dark and multi-colored carpets are more optimal for areas with heavier foot traffic and will also mask dirt and stains. Customers will also need carpets made from more durable fibers for areas that see more traffic. The higher quality the fiber is, and the denser it’s packed, the longer it will last. For those who have pets or small children in the house, they are better to invest in a carpet that has stain resistant qualities to it. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!