Signs it’s Time for Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha

The bathroom is the one room in any house that every single resident spends at least a little bit of time in. For whatever reason, though, bathrooms are also often one of the last rooms on homeowners’ lists when it comes to remodeling. Not sure whether it’s time to prioritize a bathroom update? Read on to find a few signs that it may be time for Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha.

Problems With Organization

Older bathrooms often suffer from a lack of storage space and organization. The result is often piles of wet towels or clothes, sinks figuratively buried in toiletries, and clutter in every corner. Nobody wants to deal with avalanches of shampoo bottles every time they jump in the shower or pushing wet towels out of the way just to find someplace to stand in front of the mirror. Remodeling the bathroom will give homeowners the chance to include more efficient storage options.

Falling Apart Fixtures or Flooring

Often the first thing to go in a deteriorating bathroom is the flooring, particularly if laminate, tile, or other inexpensive options were employed when the room was completed. Bathroom fixtures such as faucets and shower heads often begin to show signs of age comparatively quickly as well. Take a look around before that next shower; are there signs of moisture damage or other issues? If so, it might be time for a remodel.

Outdated Appearance

Intentionally going for a retro look is one thing, but bathrooms that were actually designed and built in the 1960s aren’t retro or vintage; they’re just old. Homeowners’ families and guests alike will probably appreciate an update. Speaking of guests, if anyone in the household feels embarrassed about allowing house guests to use the restroom thanks to clutter, peeling wallpaper, or water-damaged fixtures, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Homeowners should be proud of every room in their houses.

Know it’s time for a remodel, but not sure where to get started? Contact Kitchens and Baths by Briggs for more information about Bathroom Remodeling in Omaha and the local contractors and designers that can help. Taking this first simple step toward a better bathroom will prove well worth the investment.