Adding Visual Appeal With a Tin Backsplash in Westchester, NY

The backsplash is both a functional addition and a decorative feature. It protects the wall from spills and grease during meal preparation and prevents water damage from the sink. It is also a useful way to cover unintentional gaps between walls and countertop edges. Nearly any washable material is acceptable as a backsplash and the right product will add a lot of visual appeals. Tin is a material that is gaining a lot of attention with home decorating experts because of all of the benefits it has to offer. By installing a Tin Backsplash Westchester NY homeowners will enjoy these benefits for years to come.

  • Add some luxury with a metallic backsplash. The shiny surface instantly adds glamor without a lot of effort.
  • There are many intricate and attractive patterns with tin tiles, and tin is available in copper, brass or chrome plating. It is also possible to paint the material if desired.
  • Despite its rich look, tin is affordable, and installation costs are also reasonable.
  • The metal product is a neutral that works with all colors and is suitable for gourmet kitchens, urban designs or rustic interiors.
  • Tin is resistant to stains, easy to clean and is grout-free.
  • Tin backsplashes are specially coated to reduce the risk of rust. Wiping down the backsplash after cooking will further reduce any risk.
  • Many tin products are made from recycled materials and are also recyclable, so they are an environmentally responsible option.
  • Tin is fire-retardant, so it is safe for use behind a cooking surface.

With a Tin Backsplash, Westchester NY kitchens will have a product that is both classic and trendy and will appeal to a large number of people. Anyone interested in selling their home will appreciate the added value and interest the material creates. Home cooks will also love having a backsplash that will work with any color or materials they choose for future renovations.

To make their new kitchen complete with a Tin Backsplash Westchester NY homeowners should contact a company that understands the material and can offer the greatest variety of design ideas. Visit us to learn more about the versatility of tin and how it can transform any home.