What Type Of Pest Maintenance Treatments Are Available For Bed Bugs?

If a home has bed bugs, one of the first things involved in Pest Maintenance Treatments is to get rid of the most-affected areas. For instance, mattresses and furniture are fantastic places for bed bugs to hide and multiply. If bed bugs are seen, do not wait until the problem spirals out of control. Place small non-washable items and dry cleaning items in the dryer for at least 30 minutes at high temperatures. Wash the mattress covers, bedding, bed skirts, infested clothes, curtains, and other fabric items with hot water and dry them at the highest possible temperature in the dryer cycle. Store clean, dry items in heavy-duty, light-colored plastic bags or in storage bins with tight-fitting lids to avoid infesting other areas. Discard any item that cannot be washed, heat treated or steam cleaned. Vacuum each day by following the instructions below.

Portable vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners with cloth bags or textile suction hoses are not suitable for Pest Maintenance Treatments because they can be infested as well. In households where some family members suffer from allergies or asthma, it is preferable to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to avoid resuspension in the ambient air of allergens such as insects and dust. Bed bugs adhere to wood and tissue, and their eggs remain stuck to the spawning surface. Use a hard brush in a back and forth motion on the surface of the mattress and the vacuum cleaner nozzle for seams and crevices. Carefully vacuum on all sides to remove bugs and eggs, including mattress, bed frames, skirting boards, non-washable furniture cushions, all carpets, rugs, around heaters, as well as the interior and the underside of drawers and furniture.

Let the vacuum cleaner work for a few minutes to make sure all bed bugs have been sucked inside the bag and then put it in a white plastic bag (the bed bugs are more visible in a white bag) which must be tightly sealed before disposing of it in a garbage can with a lid. Plug the end of the suction hose with a paper towel and tape to prevent bed bugs from escaping. Wash all accessories of the vacuum cleaner with hot water and detergent. Store the vacuum cleaner in a large, hermetically sealed plastic bag. Contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.