The Importance of Proper Fascias Installation in Colorado Springs

Most homeowners are not even sure what a fascia is, let alone understand the importance of Fascias Installation in Colorado Springs. Fascia board, or fascia for short, is the board that is mounted where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. It serves two main functions that are essential to the safety and strength of the building. The first purpose is to support the lower edge of the last row of tiles or shingles on the roof. Without sturdy fascia board, the tiles would bend and break off with the first high wind, heavy rain, or wet snow encountered after the roof was installed.

The second function is to provide the surface onto which the gutters are attached. The gutters remove excess water from the roof and also directs it away from the structural beams and foundation of the house. Loose gutters can result in water getting into the attic and walls; water dripping down the side of the house and ruining the paint or siding, or leaks and cracks forming in the foundation. Erosion of the landscaping around the house is also a risk when gutters do not stay attached to the fascia board. The damage, frequent repair costs, and safety risks to the structural integrity of a house, or any other type of building, is astronomical when Fascias Installation in Colorado Springs is not properly executed.

Fascia is available in many materials, styles, and colors to match the exterior decor of any home and suit preferences and budgets of homeowners. The new installation is common when major renovations are completed to the exterior. Switching from painted exterior walls to siding, roof replacement, and adding a room or section are a few examples of when fascia installation is required. Because so much is contingent on well installed fascia board, it is essential to have it done by experienced professionals. General contractors will have staff that has some knowledge of fascia board, but may not have a lot of experience installing it. It is best to find a company that specializes in windows, doors, siding, and gutters to properly install fascia. Homeowners can visit Website Domain for details on products, options, and installation services.

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