Is Laminate Flooring Right for Your Living Space?

Homeowners love laminate flooring for good reason. Laminate type flooring is not only attractive, it is also easy to maintain. Plus, you will not break the bank in paying for this type of covering, and the flooring can be installed quickly and easily. A laminate floor is also cheaper than carpet, marble, or wood, and does not fade over time from exposure to the sun. Not only that, but the floor resists marks, stains, and scratching, and looks pristine from the moment it is installed.

A Popular Choice

So, laminate flooring is a popular choice as a flooring material. It does not matter what type of subfloor you have, as a laminate floor does not need to be secured with nails or glue. It is a floating floor, and can therefore easily be snapped into place using a tongue-and-groove type system over concrete, plywood, vinyl, or wood. You can even install the floor over concrete that is radiant-heated.

Save Money with a Laminate

If you use radiant heat beneath laminate flooring, you will also keep your feet warmer in the wintertime. You can walk over the heated floor with the same amount of comfort as you would walk across a carpeted floor. The flooring also comes in various textures, some which replicate a wood look. Why pay more for the real thing when you can save money by using a laminate?

Easy Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning laminate flooring, nothing could be easier. You do not have to use any polish or wax. All you need to do is dust the floor with a dust mop or vacuum it. You can follow this process with a quick wipe of a damp mop or cloth.

When you install this type of floor at home, you will not suffer from allergies. That is because the floor simply does not absorb dust. In addition, its airtight locking system creates a barrier against any kind of moisture. The flooring does not expand or contract either, meaning the potential for moisture damage is significantly decreased. Review laminate selections by visiting Carpet Clearance Warehouse on the Internet. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.