How to Choose Carpeting in Skokie Illinois

Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring choices for living rooms, bedrooms, and kids’ play rooms. It is comfortable on the feet and can help to reduce kids’ risk of injury should they fall. New wall-to-wall carpeting in Skokie Illinois is an investment, though, and appropriate thought should be given to choosing the right one.

Choose Color Carefully

Choosing the right color or pattern is important because it will impact how easily the carpeting shows stains. Households that have kids or pets should not choose light-colored carpeting, and may instead want to go with a patterned carpet. This will help to hide dirt and stains.

Luxury Versus Practicality

If the room being carpeted is a seldom-used den or a bedroom that is primarily the domain of adults luxurious plush and Saxony carpeting can be wonderful on the feet and create an elegant impression. The trade-off? It shows dirt easily and is prone to unattractive pooling. For kids’ rooms, play rooms, and more highly-trafficked areas it’s better to choose a continuous loop carpet material like Berber. This type of carpeting is much more durable and less likely to show signs of wear.

Natural Versus Synthetic

Purchasing carpets made out of nylon or another synthetic material can help to keep the price tag down while still looking good and feeling good on the feet. They may not quite have the same charm as a natural wool carpet, but as a consequence they also will not have the same high price-tag. It’s not a bad idea to choose the nicer natural fiber carpets for more formal rooms and using synthetics in the rest of the house.

Look For Wholesale Prices

Another good way to save some money without having to sacrifice comfort or style is to purchase carpet through a wholesale distributor such as American Carpet Distributors. Since companies like these sell directly to the public, they can often sell their products at lower prices than their competitors.

Choose Professional Installation

Regardless of what kind of carpeting in Skokie, Illinois a homeowner chooses, it’s always best to have it professionally installed. This will ensure that not only will the carpeting look good after the job is complete, but it will continue to look good for years to come.