Get Rid of Unwanted Furry Friends with a Rodent Control Company in Revere, MA

What types of rodents are plaguing your home and how can you get rid of them? Say hello to some furry enemies and your new favorite professional rodent caretakers.


Though Ratatouille may have sold you on adorable chef-wannabe rats, the rats that infest your home will be nothing close to that movie. They are absolutely the most foul creature to find living in your home. They are nearly impossible to catch, too. Somehow, rats manage to be ninjas in the night, showing themselves for a glimpse of a second or leaving feces in your beloved kitchen.

Setting traps won’t be enough because even if you do catch one, you can’t kill it! Scientists have found that rats have slowly over generations mutated into a “super rat,” becoming invincible to most household poisons. The only thing that you can do is call a rodent control company in Revere, MA to deal with the problem. They’re professionals. Have a little faith.


Mice are just as difficult to catch and kill as rats. Plus, they will eat your food, cause damage to your walls, and procreate like crazy. If you’ve got one mouse lurking in the shadows, you’ve likely got a few more chilling in the garage or attic. Over the years, mice have mutated similarly to rats, no longer vulnerable to home remedies. The only way to banish them from your premises is to call professionals at a rodent control company for reliable rodent control services.


Voles are also known as field mice. These little guys are known for damaging yards and gardens and they are a pain in the butt to eliminate. Following the rules of rats and mice, if you see signs of voles, then you need to reach out to a rodent control company right away. Don’t let your lawn work go to waste because little creatures decide to gnaw it to pieces.

Alamo Pest Control LLC in Revere, MA should be your first ideal candidate if you’ve got a rodent issue. The company can professionally exterminate any and all rodents by finding out where they are coming from and eliminating the nests. They can also help you take preventive measures and schedule a checkup. Let them fix your rodent problems before they get out of control.