Signs It’s Time For Roof Replacement in Montgomery County

Many homeowners simply don’t pay much attention to the roofs over their heads. This is a mistake, as a home’s roof provides a defense against inclement weather and needs to be properly maintained in order to do the job right. If a prolonged period of time goes by without adequate maintenance, or the roof is simply getting to be extremely old, a home might end up needing a Roof Replacement in Montgomery County. The best thing for homeowners who are unsure whether a specific problem can be successfully repaired is to call a roofing company for an evaluation. Below are just a few common reasons that roofers end up having to replace the entire structure instead of making a few repairs.

Aging Roof

Most roofs can be expected to last 20 or 25 years. If the roof is older than that, it may simply be time to have it replaced. As it reaches the end of its lifespan, the structural integrity of the roof will be more easily damaged and failing to replace it before it gives out can only lead to the need for more costly repairs.

Moss or Algae on Shingles

Many homes have asphalt shingles. These are a beautiful and efficient roofing solution, but unfortunately, they contain limestone, which can serve as a source of food for algae. Both algae and moss require moisture to thrive, so if either of them is building up on the shingles, it is indicative of a moisture problem. Allowing their growth to continue unchecked accelerates deterioration and will lead to the need for a complete replacement over time.

Rotting Wood

If any area of the roof is showing signs of wood rot, there is very little chance that targeted repairs will provide an adequate solution. Rot is most commonly noted along the valleys, eaves, walls, and flashing of the roof. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for homeowners themselves to visually inspect these areas, but a professional roofer will recognize these warning signs immediately.

Substantial Shingle Problems

A few broken or missing shingles can be replaced individually, but if the entire roof is showing signs of curling shingles, or there are many that are missing or damaged, it’s time for a replacement. Homeowners can find a dedicated contractor for Roof Replacement in Montgomery County online at Website Domain.