Quick Guide: Common Types of Garage Doors in Normal, IL

Just like your home, your car is one of your most important investments. You use your car to get to work, get around your city or town, and accomplish many other tasks, as well, which is why a spacious, well insulated, and protective garage is such an important part of your home. One way to improve your garage is to replace your garage door. Worn out doors on garages can not only cease to protect your car properly from the elements, but also pose a security risk for your home. When you find the right garage door, you can look forward to a safer place for you, your family, and your car.

Types of Garage Doors

There are many types of doors. However, the main types include sliding, folding, and roll-up. One of the most common type of garage doors in Normal, IL is the roll-up, which is usually automatic. Motorized automatic doors are best for simple and effortless opening and closing, as well as better locking, usually requiring a code in order to unlock. The type of garage door is more about personal preference, but the material of Normal garage doors also matters.


  • Steel– Steel garage doors are very sturdy and protective, and are available with or without insulation. Steel has a high susceptibility to corrosion.
  • Wood– Wood doors are authentic and inviting. They’re available in many wood types.
  • Wood Composite– Wood composite doors tend to look similar to wood doors, but without the same price tag. You can save money with wood composite, which has a similar feel to real wood doors.
  • Fiberglass– Fiberglass is dent and crack resistant. They also don’t rust, but they can break easily.
  • Aluminum– With aluminum, you don’t need to worry about rust. You can also have translucent panels that will let in light without compromising your security or privacy.
  • Vinyl– Vinyl garage doors are very hard to dent or break. They require little maintenance and offer durability.