Things to Do Prior to a Door Installation in Greenwood IN

Having the right exterior doors can mean the difference between a safe, secure home and one that is at risk for unauthorized entry. Appealing exterior doors can also significantly enhance the aesthetic value of a home by adding curb appeal. When using the services of a professional door installer, it’s prudent to use the following tips prior to a Door Installation in Greenwood IN.

Before the door installer arrives at your home, clear a space as close to your home as possible for the door expert’s vehicle. When more than one door is being installed, the new doors may arrive on a large truck. Provide enough room for this vehicle as well. Always let nearby neighbors know there may be an elevated level of noise during the job. Ensure that pets and children are kept out of the work areas during the job.

It’s considerate to remove items from the work areas that can hinder the door installer’s work. This includes toys, furniture, and household items. It can make the installer’s work harder when time is spent clearing the work areas of these items. Designate an area outdoors for the installer to make adjustments to the doors. Although dust containment is typically the responsibility of the service provider, take some time to assist with this task. Place sticky mats in the entryways the door installer will be using. This will help lift dust from the soles of his shoes. Talk to the door specialist to understand his procedures for dust containment. This can help you take action to further protect dust from spreading in your home.

It’s always beneficial to reread a contract signed with the door installer. Don’t simply skim over it when you sign it. Missing small details may delay a Door Installation in Greenwood IN or cause an increase in the final price of the install. Questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the door installer or manager of his company. Using these simple tips can make a door install easier and more productive. For information on door installations, please Contact Kenny Glass Inc. This group of door experts can handle numerous services including repairs and installations for residential glass.