What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Double-Glazed Windows In Melbourne

If you’ve decided that you want to improve your home, an easy and cost-efficient way of doing so is to install double-glazed windows. You’ve probably seen them frequently advertised because people are now starting to realise the benefits of using them in their home, but it’s important that you choose the right installer, such as those at Weatherall Windows.

The Installation

Before you rush out and buy some double-glazed windows to install yourself, it is imperative that you understand the function. You will have two panes of glass, separated by a spacer bar with a primary and a secondary seal. That space in between is necessary to create a air tight seal creating a barrier to stop outside air getting in and the inside gas being lost. Therefore, it is best to choose a highly-qualified installation professional to help you with your windows. Likewise, they should sell the highest-quality options in your area.


Glass technology may not seem important, and most people don’t even realise that there are different glass options. The double-glazed glass is graded with an alphabetic grade of A, B, or C. You can also find a variety of choices, including obscured, toughened safety glass, lamination, self-cleaning and many others.


As well as the glass elements, the window will have features and stylings. Make sure that the frame comes in a colour and pattern you like unless you’re installed new windows in the old structure. Likewise, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with all the designs and options available to you, most of which can be found online from the installer’s website.

Experience And Other Necessities

When searching for someone to install your new windows, it’s essential that you choose one with the most experience. While budget is likely to play a part, you don’t want to select someone inexperienced.