Scams to Watch Out for When Calling for HVAC Repair

When it comes to heating repair Charlotte NC, there are many services out there would scam you into spending extra money when your HVAC repair should have cost nothing. The scams may involve installing faulty and low quality parts, and “free tune ups” disguised as a way of extracting more money and advance payment.

From my personal experience, I really want to thank JLK Mechanical servicemen who went at great lengths to explain about the scams that customers are exposed to when they call for air conditioning repair at homes. I had called JLK Mechanical to fix a slight issue with the commercial HVAC system fixed at my house.

The serviceman was courteous and polite and dealt with my queries in a very professional manner. He informed me that many repairmen from other companies take advantage of the situation when customers are not standing by the repairmen’s side when they are conducting HVAC repair. This gives the repairman the window to do a temporary fix that will work for two days and after that, the customer ends up facing the same issue.

Top tip: Always stand by the Side of the Repairman when he is Fixing Your HVAC!

One of the most common parts in an AC and a furnace is the filter. This thin part can stop your AC and furnace from giving adequate cold air or heat. The price of a filter whether it is for an AC or a furnace ranges from $25 to $125. This is one of the parts that people get scammed for.

The red flag in this scam can be spotted when the repairman says he fixed the system with the new parts but does not have the old parts with him. It might be that he tweaked the old parts a little here and there and is asking money for installing new parts. Ask him to show you the old parts and if he makes some excuses for it, do not pay him. Instead, when you search for heating repair Charlotte NC, contact the best professionals in the area. From my personal experience, JLK Mechanical leads the table with its skilled professionals providing quality service at very affordable rates.

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