Why Rug Binding By A Professional Carpet And Flooring Company Makes Sense

When the wall to wall carpeting was installed in the den, there was a fair amount of product left over. The homeowner’s original intention was to keep the extra carpet and use if for any patching that might be needed in the years to come. Since the carpet has held up well, it’s time to put those remnants to good use. Before pressing them into service, contacting a Carpet And Flooring Company about rug binding is a good idea. Here are some of the reasons why professional binding is the way to go.

Clean Lines

It’s true that anyone can grab some material, aim a glue gun, and attempt to bind a remnant into a functional rug. While that will prevent the ends from fraying, the look of the finished product may leave a lot to be desired. By choosing to have a professional at a Carpet And Flooring Company take care of the binding, that new edge for the remnant will be even, clean, and make the resulting rug look as if it were purchased off a showroom floor.

No Mess

Binding a rug can get messy. Even if the homeowner doesn’t mind creating the mess, who wants to spend time cleaning up afterward? A professional knows how to manage the job in a way that doesn’t require a lot of cleanup. Best of all, the binding can be done at the shop rather than the home. The customer never has to see the mess, much less clean it up.

More Ideas for Binding

Unless the homeowner is the creative type, the binding will be all right versus something that makes the newly finished rug really pop. A professional can make recommendations for binding materials that are durable and draw on the colors used elsewhere in the room where the rug will be used. The result is a one-of-a-kind rug that fits seamlessly into the decor and helps to unify the look of the space.

Even if there are no remnants tucked away in the attic, a visit to website will provide some great deals on carpet pieces that could create a beautiful rug. Talk with an expert, come up with a plan, then watch as they work their magic. The result will be something the homeowner loves for a long time. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.