Keeping Customers Safe During A Commercial Window Repair in St. Louis MO

When a storefront window becomes damaged, the owner will most likely make a call to a service that does Commercial Window Repair in St. Louis MO. When this service comes to the establishment to handle the repair work needed, it will be necessary to keep those on the premises safe from injury. Here are some steps a business owner can take to ensure people are not at risk of becoming hurt during the repairing of the glass front window.

Perform The Work During Off-Hours

The best way to keep people safe when having a front window repaired is by having the service do the work at a time when employees and customers will not be on the premises. Many glass repair services have the weekend, early morning, or evening hours, ensuring people will not be near any shards of glass as the window is being worked upon.

Provide Those Visiting With Another Entryway

It is a good idea to keep people as far away from the broken glass as possible. Consider opening up a side or back door to the building for those who wish to visit to use during working hours. Letting employees know via an email is a good idea, so they are aware to park near the entryways provided. Customers can be alerted via a sign on the front of the property.

Use Signs To Indicate Work Is Being Done

Rope off the area where the work is being done, so people do not get too close as they navigate their way around inside of the building. Yellow tape can be hung from wall to wall, in addition to the positioning of orange cones to alert those in the area that it is dangerous to get too close to the window. Signs can be placed on easels near the window as well.

If there is a need to contact a service that does Commercial Window Repair in St. Louis MO, finding the right company to do the job is key to the success in the final appearance of the storefront window. Contact A M Richards Glass Co Inc in St. Louis MO today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of the damage or to get pricing information.