Things to Consider When Building With Drywall in Torrance

While it used to be common to use plaster for walls in homes, the use of drywall become a lot more common starting in the 1940s. There are a number of reasons for this, but there are also some potential drawbacks to the use of Drywall in Torrance that should be taken into consideration.

Can Save Time and Money

The use of drywall makes it possible to save time and money in the construction process compared to plaster. Walls can be completed between five and eight times faster with drywall. It is a relatively quick way to create a wall with a nice, smooth surface.


Another advantage of drywall is that it’s fire-resistant due to the gypsum that is in between the layers. This means that fires will spread slowly in homes with drywall, although it won’t necessarily stop a fire completely.

Can Be Mold-Resistant

It’s important to look for mold-resistant Drywall in Torrance as, otherwise, this could be a problem. Many homes were lost during the hurricane in New Orleans in 2005 because the drywall in the homes got moldy due to the wet conditions. Opting for a mold-resistant version will limit this risk, although it may still be a problem in extreme circumstances like a hurricane.

Make Sure to Recycle

Choose a company that will recycle any scraps from the drywall installation process. This will help make it so the world’s natural gypsum supplies last longer. It will also keep the drywall out of landfills, where the gypsum is likely to mix with organic materials and produce a dangerous gas called hydrogen sulfide, which can be deadly in high doses.

Easy Repairs

Should something happen to a wall made from drywall, it can be easily repaired, which isn’t necessarily the case with other materials that can be used for the same purpose, such as plaster. At the same time, it’s just as durable.

Other Potential Considerations

Drywall can be soundproofed, making it so noises from outside or from other rooms are less of a problem, and it’s energy-efficient.

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