Reviewing 4 Types Of Roofing Options Available Through Roofing Services In Orange, TX

In Texas, property owners should review these four types of roofing solutions. Each selection is unique and provides a higher level of protection for residential and commercial properties. A licensed contractor offers more information about these Roofing Services Orange TX and helps the owner make the right choice.

What is Built-Up Roofing?

The built-up roofing system consists of an under-layering of bitumen. The material is finished with connecting fibers that create a membrane. Typically, these installations are based on a four-ply installation. The first ply that is applied to the roof is connected with nails to provide reinforcement. The contractor uses an adhesive if the roofing selection is applied onto the sub-roofing directly. The standard terms used for these roofing systems is tar and gravel. They are used most often for commercial properties.

What is EPDM Roofing?

Roofing services in Orange TX offer EPDM roofing for commercial and residential property owners. The material is manufactured out of propylene and ethylene. It creates a rubber roofing membrane that is water-tight. It is appropriate for buildings that span up to fifty feet in width. The installation involved mechanical attachment although the seams are sealed with a liquid adhesive to secure it more appropriately.

What is PVC Roofing?

The PVC roofing is constructed of polyvinyl chloride. They are most appropriate for properties that possess a low slope. The installation requires one ply to complete the roofing design. It provides an ultra-violet protectant that prevents fading of the material’s color. The single-ply roofing solution may also contain resins and fiberglass to increase protection for the property. They are a better alternative for properties in which shingles aren’t the best choice.

What is KEE Roofing?

Ketone ethlyene ester is used to create a thermoplastic roofing solution. The material is more flexible than other roofing choices. It won’t become damaged due to exposure to chemicals and is resistant to the effects of severe weather conditions.

In Texas, property owners choose a roofing solution according to the overall benefits it provides. These roofing solutions address common issues faced by building owners who need a new roof. They prevent water accumulation by enforcing adequate draining for low sloped roofs. Property owners who want these options through local Roofing Services Orange TX should contact Amazing Siding & Roofing now.