Landscape Architects in Madison CT Create Showcase Yards for a Variety of Preferences

Landscape Architects in Madison CT can be considered similar to building architects in that they create intricate designs for areas in response to customer needs and preferences. An architect of buildings focuses on aspects such as interior rooms, staircases, and exterior style. In contrast, designs produced by landscape architects are meant to highlight lawns, gardens, patios, swimming pool areas and other outdoor features. They may add ponds, fountains, gazebos and any other enhancements the property owner wants.

Landscape architecture came into prominence when two individuals designed New York City’s Central Park in the 1860s. This was a marvel of ingenuity, as it developed an extensive natural outdoor environment in the midst of a major urban center. Landscape Architects in Madison CT and elsewhere design parks, corporate campuses, resorts and other areas of functional beauty.

Discerning homeowners like to have their own lovely outdoor environment that they can enjoy just by stepping outside the door or even viewing the lovely landscape from inside. They often have a basic idea of the features they’d like to see around the property, and a landscape architect helps them refine the concepts. They may have a folder of sketches and photos they’ve found in magazines, and they may have bookmarked numerous possibilities online.

These landscaping professionals respond to a variety of preferences from homeowners. One customer may be seeking to establish a property that is particularly attractive to birds and other wildlife. Another needs an elegant outdoor setting for regularly entertaining business clients. A third has a large family, including many relatives in the area, and wants to develop a yard that offers activities for them to include swimming, lounging by the pool, cooking outdoors, and relaxing in the shade or sunshine.

As with building architectural services, landscape architecture may be considered a combination of disciplines that combine aspects of science, art, and engineering. Professionals from a company such as Sullivan Lawn Services are knowledgeable about the natural environment of the region and talented in designing artistic yet functional showcase yards. The team brings the design into reality. Click here  for more information on this particular organization.