The Wisdom of Investing in Screen Enclosures in Plantation, FL

Adding some type of screen enclosure to an outdoor area makes a lot of sense. That’s particularly true in areas where there is a lot of insect activity during certain months of the year. Here are a few examples of how Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL are used and why they are such a smart investment.

Enclosing the Space Around the Pool

One of the more common applications of Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL is to surround a backyard pool. Typically, the enclosure will include plenty of room for lounging by the water as well as the pool proper. This approach makes it all the easier to spend time playing in the water or sunbathing without having to deal with flies and other pests.

Another bonus of this type of enclosure is that stray pets will not be able to find their way into the back yard and, eventually, into the pool. The enclosure can also include a lock so children cannot enter the pool area without adult supervision. In this way, it’s easier to ensure some unfortunate event does not come to pass.

Creating a Cozy Space on the Back Porch

Having a place to sit and enjoy a day that is relatively low in heat and humidity is a wonderful thing. Since mosquitoes and other insects may still be about, Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL that convert back porches into secure zones are a great approach. The screen doesn’t obscure the view of the yard, but it will make sitting outside much more pleasant.

Screening and the Backyard Gazebo

The whole point of adding a gazebo to the back yard was to create a nice space for a nap, gazing at the stars, or curling up with a good book. Make the space more user-friendly by adding Screen Enclosures in Plantation FL. The fresh air will still flow through the space and looking at the beauty of the grounds is still the same. The only thing that’s changed is the need to keep a fly swatter in the gazebo.

There’s a lot that can be done with screen enclosures. Visit us today and learn more about how different homeowners make use of this solution. It may be just what’s needed to ensure the home is more functional than ever.