Items to Prepare for a Chimney Installation in Ann Arbor, MI

Chimneys create the avenue for the escape of smoke. Creating the chimney is one of the largest parts of the projects when establishing a new fireplace. This is because it runs the entire length of the wall and ends up above the roof line. While the construction is an extensive phase, the preparation work is critical in establishing the chimney. These are a few ways to prepare for the installation.

The wall behind the fireplace will have to be heavily insulated before the Chimney Installation Ann Arbor MI. While brick has some insulation properties, the fire can get very hot inside a fireplace. Standard drywall has very little fire protection qualities. When putting in a new chimney, the fire rating will have to be dramatically improved even with masonry fireplaces. Ideally, the entire wall will have an increased fire rating.

Another item to prepare for the chimney installation in Ann Arbor MI is the area for the hearth. Any flooring needed for the hearth should be removed prior to the beginning of construction. Not only will this allow for a clean surface in which to start construction on, it also prevents damage to the flooring around it. In addition, the surrounding flooring should have a protective coating placed around it for the duration of the construction project.

Access to the room intended for the chimney installation in Ann Arbor MI should be restricted. Baby gates can be utilized to keep kids and pets out of the room. Plastic sheathing may also be used as a physical barrier and a reminder to stay out of the room. The entire room will turn into a construction zone for the duration of the project. Materials, tools, and dust are a part of that construction. Some parts of the room will be hazardous to pets or children.

The fire installation rating, the hearth, and the access are all items on the list as part of the preparation. Take a few minutes to discuss these preparation items with the contractors. This will ensure the installation can begin in a timely manner. For more information on the installation process or the preparation work needed for a new chimney, contact Billy White Roofing & Construction in Ann Arbor MI.