What types of glass showers are commonly available?

There are two basic designs of glass showers; framed and frameless. They differ from both an aesthetics viewpoint as well as cost. Frameless glass showers in Salinas are the more expensive of the two but many homeowners consider them to be the better choice.

Framed glass shower enclosures:

As the name implies, framed shower enclosures have a metal frame that encompasses each panel of glass, the glass door is also set in a metal frame.

Because of the added rigidity from the frame, this style of shower enclosure can use thinner glass. Usually the glass thickness is 3/16” and is supported completely by an extruded section which is channel shaped. The frame can be supplied in a variety of finishes to compliment the bathroom; common finishes are brushed nickel, chrome or brass plated.

Frameless glass shower enclosures:

Frameless glass showers in Salinas are the most popular even though they are the more expensive of the two. There are numerous reasons why frameless showers are popular; they are very easy to clean and they are by far more luxurious looking. For the homeowner that has installed attractive tiling throughout the bath, nothing shows it off better than a frameless glass shower.

The various panels that go to make up a frameless shower are held together by discrete clips and sealed with silicone. The clips hold the panels together rigidly while the silicone fills the small gaps that separate the glass panels from the wall. Once the installation is complete, the shower is secure and it is extremely attractive, it gives the appearance of nothing more than a clear glass cube.

Regardless of whether you opt for framed or frameless glass showers in Salinas you will be extremely pleased with the low maintenance and the attractive appearance.