Things to Consider Before Garage Door Roller Replacement in Beckley, WV

Having a working garage door is essential for most people. What good is a garage if you can’t open the door? These doors do break from time to time, however, and then it’s necessary to figure out how to get them fixed. There are a few things that should be taken into consideration before Garage Door Roller Replacement in Beckley WV.

This Isn’t a One-Person Job

While it’s possible for people who are handy to handle a Garage Door Roller Replacement in Beckley WV, this isn’t a job to handle on one’s own. At the very least, a do-it-yourselfer will need a friend on hand to help spot and keep the door from falling on him or her during the process. The door needs to be moved from time to time during the process, and it isn’t safe to have the automatic opener connected or the power connected while doing the repair. It’s pretty hard to hold a door and deal with the necessary repair steps, some of which require two hands to accomplish.

Safer for Professionals

Those who don’t know what they’re doing should leave this job to the professionals as there are thousands of injuries each year from homeowners trying to fix broken garage doors on their own. These doors are very heavy, and it’s not too hard to send them falling down by accident, leading to someone getting hurt. A professional who deals with this job every day is more familiar with the proper safety precautions necessary to do this type of job safely. Unplugging the door opener from the electrical outlet and having a spotter both help limit the risk.

Potential for Damage

Because the process of replacing rollers involves bending the track somewhat, it’s possible to actually do more damage to the door and make a more expensive repair necessary if the person doing the repair doesn’t really know what they’re doing. This would negate any potential savings from not hiring a professional. Breaking parts, bending them too far, or getting parts out of alignment will all make it, so the door doesn’t work properly anymore.

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