Creative Bathroom Glass Contractors in Greenwood IN

Installing unique pieces of glass in the bathroom can turn it into one of the most intriguing areas of a home. Society has become used to boring and standard bathroom designs. When they come across something different, it can make for quite the conversation piece. One of the best examples of this is the glass walled shower. Traditionally, showers have been covered by a frosted glass door or basic curtain. As custom home building and remodeling became more affordable, people began to further explore their bathroom design options and desire this style of the modernized shower enclosure. This led many homeowners to companies known for creative flair rather than the basic, cut and dry building contractor. This has helped businesses like Kenny Glass establish themselves as leading bathroom contractors in Greenwood IN.

Incorporating large areas of glass into a bathroom is no easy task. In no way does the average homeowner have the skills to pull this off. A professional glass technician should be called to evaluate the size and shape of a bathroom and determine what can work. This consultation will allow them to begin formulating design ideas, especially once they learn about the client’s overall vision. Almost anything is possible; the contractor will just require a little time to create the perfect design. Potential customers who are curious about what possibilities exist can click here to visit the company’s website and peruse the gallery of completed projects.

Bathroom glass is not solely limited to the shower stall. Homeowners tend to overlook their mirror options and end up only incorporating a standard size over the sink. Why should a family crowd around a small medicine cabinet mirror when they can have mirrored glass cut to fit a much bigger space? The Bathroom Contractors in Greenwood IN, at a company like Kenny Glass, have the skills to help suggest, design, and install custom mirrors to fit any wall space. Their team can install mirrors which fit from floor to ceiling to provide both a full-length view and excess viewing capacity. They also have the ability to cut glass so that it runs around various fixtures and appliances, conforming to or completely avoiding the edges. Decorative framing is also an option as are exposed edges. Regardless of what tradition may dictate, these contractors can install any cut of mirrored glass that a client desires and help turn a generic bathroom into a gorgeous getaway.