Advantages Of Laminate Flooring As Compared With Wood In Kitchens And Bathrooms

As a young couple shops for their first house, they may find one they really like except for the old linoleum flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. They may want to spend a little time thinking about that aspect before making an offer on the place. Laminate Flooring is an especially suitable option for people who love the look of hardwood floors but hesitate to have hardwood installed in those particular rooms. The bathroom floor must hold up under humidity and moisture, wet feet and the potential for water spilling. The kitchen floor probably has to withstand the occasional food and beverage spill.

Laminate Flooring isn’t vulnerable to these issues the way that hardwood is. Wood is much more liable to warp due to excessive humidity or spilled water that wasn’t noticed and mopped up right away. Wood also is likely to noticeably stain even when clear water drips onto it if the water is allowed to sit for any length of time. People with kids especially need to consider whether everyone in the household will be vigilant about caring for the floors. Children are usually more likely to spill things and may not even realize they have done so.

Laminate is also better for people with dogs that like to roughhouse with each other or with their human companions around the home. Their toenails can scratch hardwood but will not have much of an impact on laminate. Kids sometimes play with toys that might scratch a hardwood floor, which is another consideration. In addition, laminate tends to be more resistant to impact than wood is. Dropping a heavy object that might leave a dent on wood will probably have no effect on laminate.

Tile is also suitable for floors in rooms where moisture may be an issue, but the installation costs substantially more. For that reason, many homeowners choose laminate, especially if they have other improvement projects they want to devote some money to. For the look of wood, laminate is available in a multitude of colors and styles. A company such as Elite Carpet & Tile can provide more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!