Recognizing Foundation Problems in Naples

Sometimes recognizing foundation problems in Naples is easy. The problem is obvious, and you do not really need to be a detective to see that you have something going on. In other cases it is not so easy, it can be difficult to realize that what you are dealing with is a foundation problem. These tips will help you to look for the signs that your foundation may be failing.

Tip # 1 Marble on the Floor

This is an old trick, and it may not determine that you for sure have a foundation problem, but it can point to an issue. Take a marble and put it in the center of the floor, it should not roll in any direction once you have steadied it if it does check outside in the direction the marble rolled for cracks or other issues.

Tip #2 Water in the Basement

Unless you live in a flood zone, you should not find water on the inside of your basement wall if you do you may be dealing with a foundation issue.

Tip # 3 Check the Floor of Your Basement

You should not find chunks of earth, concrete or cement on your basement floor, if you do look to the foundation for any crumbling or cracking.

Tip # 4 Check for Chips, Holes, and Cracks

You should not have chips, holes or cracks in your foundation. If you do you, you want to get it repaired quickly.

Tip # 5 Cracks On Outside Walls

Your exterior walls should not have any cracking or buckling, it may be coming from a faulty foundation. The cracks may not be right up against the foundation they can be higher up on the wall.

Tip # 6 Buckled Siding

Siding can buckle from a faulty foundation.