This Design Firm Provides Furniture Installation Service In Long Island Ny

There are many people who have fine collections of custom and antique furniture lovingly accumulated over many years who need help from Furniture Installation Service in Long Island companies when they move. Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to fit one household full of furniture into a new and different house or building. The rooms are different sizes and shapes, the doors and windows are in different places, and the whole ambiance of the new space is different. Using all of the furniture and accessories from one building in a new building can be a frustrating experience. Now there is help available.

The design firm of Interiors By J.C. Landa has a furniture installation service in Long Island NY that can help. Design experts from the firm take inventory of all the existing furniture and accessories. They then visit the new building or home and take measurements of every room and space. A floor plan is produced to scale. Scale drawings are made and cut out for each piece of furniture. Now, the furniture scale models are placed on the floor plan and moved around until the perfect placements are accomplished. The client views the completed floor plans and gives approval or asks for changes in the layout. When the furniture layouts are approved, the professional installation team unloads the furniture and places it using the floor plans as a guide. The designer visits the site to oversee the installers and to make minor adjustments to the plan. Finally, the homeowner inspects the completed installation and approves it or requests minor changes.

This firm offers more design services than the furniture installation service in Long Island NY. They have a fully qualified staff of designers to help with complete interior design projects. The design process can start with the homeowner or businessperson’s dream of what the building interior should look like. Then a designer will make that dream become a reality from concept drawings to implementation and installation. The perfect interior design may include the need for custom furniture pieces, upholstered walls, custom window treatments, and much more, all supplied by this design firm. Please visit the website for more information.