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During Tree Transplanting Fort Worth Technicians Follow Specific Procedures

With Tree Transplanting Fort Worth homeowners can make improvements to a residential landscape. It’s typically best to hire professionals for this work to prevent the risk of damage to the tree. Uprooting and moving established trees can cause a shock to their systems, so they must be handled with tender loving care throughout the process. Transplanting trees properly can be very difficult for people who are inexperienced with this work, and if anything goes wrong, they feel awful about it afterward. Larger trees not only tend to be expensive to replace with a similar plant, but people can become quite attached to the trees on their property. Sometimes there are sentimental aspects, such as a tree that were planted by a parent or grandparent who has since passed away.

For Tree Transplanting in Fort Worth professional technicians understand exactly how to dig around the tree, how to prune the roots and how to protect the roots during the entire project. It’s best to have those technicians prune roots several months before the transplant takes place. This should only be done at certain times of the year.

Property owners may wonder why the tree benefits from root pruning ahead of time. It’s because the roots adapt to the smaller area they take up now, and they send out additional growth to strengthen the root system. The tree should be kept adequately watered, so the roots have plenty of hydration allowing them to grow rapidly.

By the time the technicians transplant the tree, the roots are strong enough to sustain it even after being moved to a new place. The roots also have time to adjust to their volume loss without the additional stress of being uprooted and transplanted. That is not the case if the tree is uprooted immediately after the lengthy root growth is cut away. When technicians from a company such as Alfaro Tree Sales Inc transplant the tree, they’ll keep a ball of soil protecting the roots as they move it. This lessens the shock for the plant, which still has some of its native ground environment with it and reduces exposure to air. The tree should recover from the transplant without much trouble.

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