Tips for Choosing Bedroom Furniture in Newberg OR

Before heading to choose new Bedroom Furniture in Newberg OR, buyers must take some time to ensure that they know exactly what they want, what they need, and what will fit into their bedroom. Often shoppers head out, sure that they can just look at something and know that it’s going to be perfect in their bedroom. However, once they get to the store, they find that it’s not quite that easy. Even worse is finding out that the wrong furniture was chosen for the room. Read on for tips on buying bedroom furniture in Newberg OR.


The number of people who don’t take the time to measure before they buy furniture is surprising. Knowing the size of the bedroom isn’t enough. Measure each area. Just because a room is 12 x 15 doesn’t mean that the entire space is suitable for furnishings. It’s important to consider doors, a fireplace, and other areas where furniture can’t go. It’s a good idea to draw a picture of the room and put the measurements in the picture. Remember, a furniture showroom is usually pretty big, and this makes the furniture appear a lot smaller than it will when it’s in the home.

Choosing furniture for small spaces

Instead of filling a room with pieces that won’t be used, shop for just what is needed. One dresser may be enough for someone. In other homes, a dresser, and chest of drawers may be needed. If the furniture is needed, that’s fine, but it’s better to skip some pieces than to clutter a room with pieces that aren’t needed.

Opt for furniture that does double duty. A nightstand with drawers or cabinet doors will provide extra storage. Bed with built-in storage underneath can provide a lot of storage for out of season clothing, sheets, or other items.

Determine the look that you want

Choose the right style furniture for the look you want to convey. Romantic, modern, country, or classic, are examples. The right furniture will help you carry out the feel that you want the room to convey.

Choosing new bedroom furniture can be fun. Follow the above tips to ensure that you get the right pieces for your room. Always measure, choose double-duty furniture for small spaces, and choose pieces to carry out the theme you want.

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