Laying Brick Pavers To Build A Patio

When someone has a backyard they feel could use a pick-me-up, aesthetically, they may decide to add a patio to give it a pleasing look. A backyard patio can instantly improve the look of an area as it breaks up the monotony of flat land, giving the eyes something exciting to gaze upon as a result. It is a beneficial area that can be utilized year-round for entertaining or relaxing close to the home. Here are some instructions one can use when Laying Brick Pavers to use as a patio area.

First, the land should be plotted out and dug down to about a half a foot in depth. Fill this area completely with crushed gravel, and use a hand tamper to compact the stone. Add more gravel and repeat the tamping process. Use plastic paver edging to contain the brick pavers when they are added. Lay this edging along the outside perimeter of the area being filled. Use stakes to keep them in place.

Add an inch of sand over the gravel. Use a rake to sweep it across the entire surface. Afterward, push a 2×4 piece of lumber across the area to smooth the sand over the surface. Place brick pavers over the sand starting at one of the corners along the perimeter of the patio space. Select a pattern and follow it throughout the area. Use a mallet to tap the bricks down into the sand. If necessary, use a hammer and chisel to break bricks to the correct size so they all fit into the area.

When the bricks are all placed, cover them with sand. Wash the sand off of the surface using a pressure washer. Repeat the process several times. The sand will fill in any voids and the water helps it to harden into place. Use a tamper to secure the pavers into place.

If someone needs help Laying Brick Pavers, they can contact a reputable landscaping company to help. FGM Landscaping Brick Pavers is one service that can assist in the design and installation of a new patio, giving the area a fresh, new look. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!