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A Wireless Home Alarm in Chicago is an Easy Way to Protect Your Home

Thanks to technological advances, you can get a wireless home alarm in Chicago that can protect your home and allow you to access the system from anywhere in the world. All you need to set your alarm or monitor it is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  You never have to worry about your home again! No matter where you are traveling, you will have access to important systems in your home.

The Statistics

A home alarm really is not a luxury when you consider that hundreds of thousands of homes are broken into and vandalized each year.  Studies indicate that homes that have alarms are 15 times less likely to be broken into than homes that do not have an alarm system.

Convenient Access, Heightened Protection

Wireless features are important for families on the go.   You will never again have to worry about forgetting to set your alarm. You will be able to arm your alarm from anywhere. If the kids leave without setting the alarm, you can check the status right from your smartphone and set it yourself. Other features that these wireless protection devices have to offer include:

  *  Alerts to your smartphone or other device when a door/window has been breached
  *  System alerts to remind you to arm your system
  *  Higher level of security

Traditional hardwired systems depend on the phone lines to call out and provide notification of a breech. However, phone lines can be vulnerable and they can be breeched, which disables the alarm system. Wireless systems rely on radio frequency which cannot be breeched. They offer a higher level of security. These smart systems can communicate directly with you via your smartphone, laptop or tablet.  They are far more convenient to use than the traditional keypads.  You will always be in the loop with these types of alarm systems.

Stay Safe

In today’s world it is just too risky to be without an alarm system for your home.  There is no reason not to protect your family and your home when these systems are so affordable. A home alarm system will give you the peace of mind knowing that your home is always protected and that you can take the steps necessary from anywhere in the world to make sure your alarm is doing its job.  It is a worthwhile investment.

Choose a wireless home alarm in Chicago from Alert Protective Services today and make sure your home and family are protected! Call today for a free consultation!