Types and Benefits of Glass Showers in Salinas

Glass shower screens are used to keep water and steam enclosed in the shower while having the added benefit of being extremely visually appealing. In fact, they are often used in bathroom renovations to help the space appear more elegant and luxurious, and they are ideal for spaces that may not have the room for a full bathtub. Learning a bit more about glass showers in Salinas can help you determine if this is something you would like to install in your own home.

There are many different types of shower screens on the market today. The following are a few of those different screens.

Fixed Pane

This type of shower screen is designed to only partially cover the shower. The fixed pane does not have any moving parts or doors attached to the pane. There are some fixed pane screens that do come with doors with or without a hinge, depending on your preference. These doors are fairly inexpensive and relatively easy to install. This is one of the most common options for those who have a limited budget. These screens provide the glass showers look, without the huge price tag that goes along with other options.

Sliding Shower Screens

Another type of screen is a fixed piece of glass that slides back and forth in a track. The sliding of the door allows you easy access to your shower or bathtub with very little effort. The doors can be made to slide laterally or to fold on top of themselves. Either type of door is sufficient; it really depends on your personal preference which one you want to purchase.

Benefits of Glass Showers

In addition to being a luxurious addition to any space, glass showers offer a number of other benefits, as well. One of the biggest benefits is how easy glass is to maintain. Unlike tile or cement, there is no grout to clean. This means using a bit of glass cleaner will keep your shower looking great day after day. Glass showers are also ideal for families with kids who may not be ready to shower on their own, but want that sense of independence. The parent can be nearby, to ensure they are okay, but the child feels as though they are doing something on their own.

Most types of glass showers and the screens available can be customized to fit the decor and color scheme of your bathroom. If you need such customizations, consult an experienced glass company to help guide you in the right direction. Taking the time to get to know about all the options can pay off and ensure the best possible glass shower selection is installed in your home.