Learning About Floor Refinishing In Manhattan

Wood floors are beautiful, but they can get damaged. Over the years, wear and tear make the floor dull. Likewise, a leak will really do some damage. Water and wood floors are not a good mix. Refinishing floors is a difficult job, and it is best to hire professionals. First, you need a walk-behind sander to eliminate the old finish. You really have to know what you are doing to use this machine. It has a large rotating drum, and the correct sandpaper grade has to be used. In addition, professionals use a special sander for edges and corners. Next, sanding an entire floor makes a lot of dust. Whoever is doing the job needs to wear goggles and other safety equipment.

Make it easy on yourself and hire a company that handles Floor Refinishing in Manhattan. Companies like New York Wood Flooring use special machines that have a vacuum system to pick up a lot of the dust. Before the sanding is complete, a professional uses a wood filler for any chips or dents on the floor. The filler has to dry and then it is sanded. Everything must be cleaned again, after all, the sanding is done. The next step is putting down a protective coating. Indeed, you do not want dust to get into the material. Any leftover dirt can mess up the new finish.

The contractor gives the homeowner a choice of finishes. Polyurethane comes in different types of sheens and protects against moisture. Another choice is varnish, which also comes with a choice of sheen. This may be a good choice for someone who wants to completely change the color of the wood floor. Finally, there are penetrating sealers that highlight the floor’s natural sheen. There are a lot of choices to make doing Floor Refinishing in Manhattan. The floor has to be buffed again after the sealer dries. Once again, all the dust needs to be cleaned up. Usually, the contractor finishes by applying a couple of coats of wax. Hardwood floors give a home an elegant, refined look, but they must be maintained like everything else. Call the professionals today and protect your investment.