Top Three Benefits of Installing Insulated Siding in Lawrence Kansas

Insulated vinyl siding is a type of vinyl siding that contains a rigid foam insulation, adhered to the exterior surface of the wall. The insulation helps to increase the R-value of the wall system, reduce energy consumption and improve the appearance and sturdiness of the siding. Insulated vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors and is easy to install and maintain. It offers a better sound control and weather performance than the traditional vinyl siding. According to experts, the installing insulated vinyl siding can yield more than 80 percent returns on investment due to reduced energy bills and increased energy efficiency. Here are some of the primary reasons to install Insulated Siding in Lawrence Kansas.

Low Maintenance and Durability

Insulated vinyl siding is a durable and virtually maintenance free exterior cladding material. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, insulated vinyl siding just needs to be hosed down and wiped with a clean cloth to maintain its beautiful appearance. In addition, insulated vinyl siding does not fade and cannot be damaged by water, insects, mold or prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. The foam back allows the siding to lay straighter and flatter on the wall system, thereby increasing its sturdiness.

Increased Rigidity

When a foam backing insulation adheres to vinyl siding, the rigidity of the product is increased. The rigidity of insulated vinyl siding helps to hide imperfections in the structure and improves the look of straight lines. Additionally, due to the durability of foam backing and vinyl, insulated siding will maintain its straight, symmetrical shape for a long period.

Added Insulation for All Seasons

For maximum home cooling and heating, the cool or warm air from the HVAC system should not be allowed to leave the room. The process through which energy exits or enters a room is called thermal bridging. Thermal bridging leads to significant amounts of energy loss. Installing insulated vinyl siding can help to reduce thermal bridging, the reducing a home’s energy bills.

Making the decision to install Insulated Siding in Lawrence Kansas can be an exciting yet a daunting exercise. To ensure that the installations are done correctly, consider hiring an experienced siding contractor. For more info on the benefits of insulated vinyl siding, please go to

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