Some Display Hints For Businesses Selling Cooled Or Frozen Products

You hear a lot of talk about us living in the age of the automobile and enjoying a better lifestyle thanks to the digital age; but, what about the refrigeration age? Think how different our lives have become thanks to refrigeration. We no longer have to consume food and drink quickly least it should spoil; we no longer have to collect a lot of ice in winter and try to keep it frozen all summer long. As for the various devices that relied upon the use of a damp cloth to keep food cool by way of latent heat of evaporation; they were never effective for any length of time.

The Refrigeration Age

The people who grow and/or make any manner of the things that we like to eat and drink may send some of their produce to market in its natural, fresh form; but most, if not all of them, will freeze some of it for sale to and consumption by the public at a much later date. This starts with their in-house freezing plant; continues with mobile freezers on (or in) their transportation methods; to cold storage warehouses and further frozen transportation to the various types of retail outlet that handle such frozen products. When the produce is finally in the hands of the consumer; most likely it will end up in domestic freezers and/or refrigerators. This is happening more or less worldwide but is particularly relevant in a warmer climate area such as California.

The Public Wants To See What It Is Buying

It’s not really practical to have a shop assistant get items out of a freezer; show them to you and; then, return them to the freezer if you decide not to buy. Some sort of self-service refrigerated cabinet is required. Open cold shelves do not keep items frozen and deep chest type freezers with a sliding glass top require potential customers to dig around in the cold to find what they are looking for. An upright glass fronted freezer is possibly best; but, wouldn’t it be even better if its contents could be organized in rows and, once one item is removed from the front, another identical item comes forward to fill the emptied space?

Refrigeration specialists like Turn Key Systems, Inc do, in fact, provide this type of refrigerated sales display unit. A combination of glass pass through doors; rolling shelving stacks and Gravity Flow Shelving Systems In California (or elsewhere) provide a good way for your customers to select and purchase frozen or refrigerated produce.