Kitchen Remodeling in Oceanside CA for a Basement Apartment

An older house with a basement apartment may have a kitchen that is lacking in many ways. It can be difficult to make a lower-level apartment bright and cheery if window space is not abundant, and the original building owner may have tried to do things as cheaply as possible. The new building owner now wants Kitchen Remodeling in Oceanside CA for this room. The owner might be renting the place out as a multi-family unit and want to set a higher rent price. In contrast, the owner might want to have another family member, such as an adult child or a mother-in-law, live downstairs and have a nicer kitchen.

What features can be done with Kitchen Remodeling in Oceanside CA to make that basement kitchen more appealing? In general, dark colors should be replaced with light ones. White cabinetry can be installed, for example. If white isn’t attractive to the owner or the people who will reside downstairs, beige or light tan hues will also work well. Virtually any type of countertop material can be used for a basement kitchen. If the current flooring is too dark or has seen better days, some good options include stone, laminate or decorative concrete. Laminate can be designed to look just like hardwood and doesn’t have the problems with moisture that can have negative effects on the hardwood.

The lighting situation may need to be improved. Additional lights can be set in between ceiling tile panels and more fixtures placed along the walls. For interior design, placing a mirror or two in a strategic location adds light and the illusion of space. The person residing downstairs may also want to hang a large picture of an outdoor scene if window space is lacking.

A contractor such as Business Name. can confer with the building owner about various ideas for remodeling a basement kitchen and making it a more inviting living space. The contractor will also address the essential practical considerations, such as whether the electrical system should be upgraded or more outlets installed. That is important if the new resident wants to run more small appliances, for example. A microwave oven, for instance, will usually trip a breaker if it shares the circuit with an electric space heater.