Questions And Answers About Carpenter Ant Infestation And The Need For An Ant Exterminator In Minneapolis

Homeowners who notice large ants crawling in their kitchen or bathroom most likely have an infestation of carpenter ants. These ants travel into the home to look for food and water and to build a nest. Once inside the home, these ants can be difficult to get rid of, so homeowners should contact a professional Ant Exterminator in Minneapolis to take care of the problem. To learn more about this species of ant and how to keep them out of your house, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) How can a homeowner identify carpenter ants inside the house?

A.) The majority of carpenter ants are black or deep red in color, but some can be both red and black, or they can have a hint of orange or yellow on their large body. Since these ants prefer to build their nests in areas where the wood has rotted, they’re commonly spotted in windows, around the frames of doors and on the inside of walls. These ants use their mouth to make pathways in the wood for their nests.

Q.) How can homeowners keep carpenter ants from getting inside the home?

A.) Ants can easily enter the home through any size of crack on the outside of the house. They also travel up the side of the house and enter through small openings around window frames or holes in window screens. Homeowners should thoroughly examine the exterior of the home and fill any visible cracks with caulking. Windows and doors should also be inspected, and any gaps or holes should be sealed or repaired. Kitchen counters, tables and floors should be kept clean of any type of food, beverage or crumbs. Dirty dishes shouldn’t be left in the sink, and food shouldn’t be left in pet food bowls on the floor. If the infestation is out of control, immediately call an experienced Ant Exterminator in Minneapolis.

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