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Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Really Worth the Money?

If you want to make sure your cooling and heating systems stay in good shape, you might want to consider an annual maintenance plan from your local HVAC service in Phoenix. But is it worth spending the money on these plans? Here is important information to help you make an informed decision.

How Does It Work?
With an annual plan, your technician checks out your heating and cooling systems once a year. If you have a furnace and air conditioner, it’s best to have the furnace checked out in the fall, and your AC checked out in the spring. This ensures they are in good working order, before the coming season. However, for packaged AC systems or heat pumps, you can have everything checked out at the same time.

Are These Plans Expensive?
Most plans are very affordable and may cost less than $100. However, cost depends on the kind of heating and cooling systems that you own.

Recouping Your Investment
There are several ways that you can recoup this investment. First, you’ll enjoy greater heating and cooling efficiency. In fact, a well maintained and efficient cooling or heating system can save as much as twenty percent on energy. How is this possible? An efficient cooling or heating system doesn’t have to work as hard as inefficient ones.

Repair Bills
Annual preventative maintenance can save you on heating and cooling repairs. For example, during the maintenance visit, your technician may find things that need replacement. Doing this now can prevent breakdowns and a service charge in the future.

The Value of Headache Prevention
The best way to get rid of headaches is to prevent them. Annual maintenance from your HVAC service in Phoenix can keep you and your family from suffering in the Arizona heat because of broken down air conditioning, and you’ll have fewer heat problems in winter.

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